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Give your foreign partner a company gift they will remember!

None of your competitors, no matter from which country, give gifts as special as this.


What is
Yummy Questions?


A gift that makes
learning about Estonia
fun so that it could
be an exciting
gift for a foreigner!

How it works:

  • A chocolate is taken from the box
  • The question on the chocolate is read out
  • People try to answer the question
  • The correct answer can be checked on the other side of the chocolate.

The player who has given the correct answer can eat the chocolate as a reward!

Yummy Questions enables you to give your partner a gift that makes them remember you!

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Be Original

Your partner always receives gifts, most of your competitors use customary wine bottles and boxes of chocolates. With Estonia 100 Yummy Questions you will be remembered as it makes you stand our from the crowd.

What makes Yummy Question special is that all the Estonia-themed trivia questions are on chocolates, questions on one side and answers on the other. The original format is unique and you are the only one to give such a gift.

Millal oli Eesti esimene laulupidu?

Surprise Your Partners

All people feel happy being remembered. Your partner appreciates your efforts when you don’t just pick a product from the shop but give something personal with a meaning.

We started Yummy Questions when we were 17, having a missionas to introduce Estonia to foreigners in a fun way. Tell the story to your partner to show that the product has a meaning and you are a company that promotes Estonia and youth enterprise.

Šokolaadid Eesti küsimustega

Gift about Estonia

Yummy Questions are made to be given as gifts. The box is compact to fit into your hand luggage or car salon; the design is presentable making it a suitable present for formal occasions and daily meetings.

The one-year shelf-life enables the games to be ready in your cupboard – whenever you need to go somewhere, you will have a gift. Your team can focus on planning the meeting instead of spending time in the shop trying to find something for a present.

Lauamäng küsimustega Eestist

Our customers have said:

Sirje Piirsoo

Sirje Piirsoo

Saue City Council

The idea is really cool and the reaction of the receivers has been, ’’Wow, that is great! Who has come up with such an idea?’’

Karoli Kõiv

Karoli Kõiv

Foreign Relations Specialist at Estonian University of Life Sciences

The best quality of Yummy Questions is the personal service they offer. They go out of their way to give their clients the best results possible.

We wish you luck!

Kerli Kehman

Kerli Kehman

e-Estonia Showroom’s Marketing Director

The Estonia 100 chocolate game that reached my table looked smart and personal.

The Yummy Fund:
Our gift to Estonia

For each Estonia 100 Yummy Questions game we make a present to Estonia and donate 5% to the Estonian Youth Entrepreneurship Fund to help create a similar experience that has been enabled to us.

Magusad Küsimused sai alguse 2015. aasta novembris, kui kolm Tartu Jaan Poska Gümnaasiumi 11. klassi õpilast Mart Vainu, Stella Leego ja Hendrik Pungar tulid ideele luua oma õpilasfirma.

Mart Vainu, Hendrik Pungar, Stella Leego Magusad Küsimused

Would you like to ask a Yummy Question from us?

24 Eesti-teemalist küsimust, vihjet ja vastust

24 Estonian-themed questions, hints and answers

12 suus sulavat piimašokolaadi

12 mouth melting milk chocolates

Lauamäng uute teadmiste proovilepanekuks

Boardgame to test the new knowledge

Kompakne kinkekarp

Ideal for traveling
Size: 9 x 9 x 6.5 cm

Esinduslik EV100 disain

MOQ is 1 game, at a price of 12€+VAT

Pikk säilivusaeg: 1 aasta ja 4 kuud

Long shelf-life: 1+ years

Order Yummy Questions and receive the game in 3 days!


14-day return policy

If you are not happy with our game for any reason, we offer a 100% refund.
Your satisfaction is what matters the most :)